Welcome to the “Virtual Internships in Tech centers” internship simulators.

Below you can access the simulators: there are five different ones, based on your field of studies.

To access them, from a Chrome browser (important: it won’t work from Firefox,Edge, Safari or others)  :

 if you are not logged in into Chrome, log in with the credentials elearning.simulator (password simulatorKA226 ); if you were already logged in, click on your avatar at the top right and select “add another account”, then use the credentials above;
 you will see four environments (the fifth is under construction): select the one you want to access, by clicking on it;
– enter the pin 000000 if required (same for all environments);
– if you are asked to login with “Admin” user, input the password 12345;
– you’re in!

Access the simulators here