Access to Training Courses


E-learning Platform


It is an intelligent, virtual, and telematic platform with a system capable of defining the profile of the user (their previous knowledge, languages, strengths and weaknesses in their education) and create personalized learning strategies accordingly.



The VIVAR Platform offers an innovative learning process based on five principles that give our educational proposal a great learning capability for its users:


We promote an innovative pedagogical methodology based on specific educational itineraries adapted to the characteristics and previous knowledge of the users. For it, the user must take a brief test when starting a new course, to establish his/her level and itinerary, define the content index, and establish the questions of their final exam.
Our work methods are based on digital processes through specific ICTs that promote a distance-guided study, based on:

Active learning: we provide you with the necessary means so you can build your own meaningful knowledge through reflection.

Collaborative learning: the exchange of knowledge and experiences in our forums provides higher quality learning, generates a diversity of ideas, develops social skills, and increases involvement and motivation.

Self-learning: our base is the idea that the student is the main character. You decide when and how to study, we’ll just guide you.

The e-learning platform includes educational courses that allow the user to follow a personalized itinerary; many of them are completely free, and others, due to their specificity, require registration. These courses are compact modules classified according to the knowledge they develop (and to the analysis of the legal framework of the European Union).
We currently have three courses organized in three blocks: volunteer training, adult education, and inclusion of migrants.
If you want more information go to the COURSES section.

This platform allows users to track both their learning and participation in training activities. This way, learning becomes an enriching experience with teaching materials, communication tools, ICTs, multimedia resources, and a collaborative and educational management.
We started the journey of this innovative and ambitious project with the complete program of adult education, to later be completed with other courses for very diverse groups.

The platform offers digital tools that allow you to establish synchronous and asynchronous virtual learning, in which the user can have real-time conversations with tutors and peers, and send them messages and files to be evaluated.
This way we promote a collaborative learning that generates networks of joint work between very different people, offering users new avenues for inclusion and facilitating them to successfully overcome the proposed educational processes.

The platform has an automatic evaluation and accreditation system through two ways: On the one hand, the creation of personal certificates that certify the completion of each course, specifically indicating their level and itinerary. On the other hand, it generates a series of digital badges -images or icons that have specific integrated information about the achieved associated learning- and can be validated by educational institutions and accreditation platforms. These badges not only certify the courses completed in a safe and reliable way for the work and educational field, but also the specific competences in which the user has excelled. They are compatible with the Europass European Curriculum creation system, allowing you to strengthen your curriculum, and your employment opportunities with it.


The courses offered in VIVAR are specific for each category (adults, migrants, volunteers), and each of the categories is divided into three levels. Upon registration, the user can choose his/her category, and will be automatically assigned a level by the system, based on his/her results in the entrance test.

Once the user has completed every topic included in the course specific to his/her category and level (i.e. visited all pages and downloaded all the related PDFs), he/she will be given access to the final exam relative to his/her category and level.

When successfully passing the exam, the user will be able to download a certificate attesting the participation in the course, as well as the whole materials of the course in a single .zip file. The user can also decide to redeem a badge to show and share his/her achievement.

After passing the exam, users can decide to advance to the next level course within their category, with a simple upgrade request to the platform’s administrators.

Users may request at any time to be assigned to a different category (e.g. changing from adult to migrant, to volunteer, or vice versa) by contacting the platform’s administrators. In such case they will be assigned by default to level 1 in the new category. If they want to skip to a higher level directly, they will have to log out and take the entrance test again under the desired category, then register as a new user (NOTE: you will have to use a different email address unless you have deleted your original account first).