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Here we offer a simple but powerful tool for you to learn, but above all, to develop your competences and critical analysis skills through a digital educational process that adapts to your needs and characteristics.

Through innovative programming, we do not just offer you a way to study through your smartphone, tablet device, or computer wherever and whenever you want, but a platform that will analyze your current level of knowledge and structure a learning process especially adapted to you through various difficulty levels.

Thanks to the work of teachers and experts, we offer you multiple courses with high quality customizable content intended to train you, but also want you to question the society that surrounds you by developing tools that will be very useful in your personal, social, and working future. These courses cover a wide range of topics and are compatible with the official curricula of each of the user profiles. You can currently find three courses aimed at adult education, but you will find many more in the future.

Our main goal is for you to learn, which is why we offer you two possibilities:

  • YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE COURSES IN THE AVAILABLE LANGUAGE YOU WANT. Without pressure, without evaluations, and without support, you will be able to access the complete contents so you can learn autonomously, at your own pace.

  • YOU CAN PARTICIPATE IN AN INNOVATIVE DIGITAL LEARNING SYSTEM. Here we offer the support of expert tutors, the creation of collaborative networks that allow you to learn thanks to the help of other users, to upload jobs to be evaluated, and find itineraries adapted to your needs.

If you choose this second path, once you have completed the active course, you can do an evaluation to verify the learning results obtained and issue a personalized certificate that credits your abilities. It will also generate a digital badge that you’ll be able to validate through the software of educational institutions and credited validation platforms to show the completion of these courses. This will be a useful help to certify your knowledge in the labor market, compatible with the model of the European Curriculum Vitae.

In short we offer you an opportunity to develop yourself, learn new things, and guide your life towards new horizons according to the objectives and priorities of the EU within the framework of the 2020 and 2027 strategies. All of this is done through a powerful and modern e-learning platform created thanks to the ERASMUS PLUS PROGRAMME.

This course is intended to offer its adult users the possibility of acquiring, updating, completing, or expanding their knowledge and skills for their personal and professional development, through formal and non-formal education.

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This course is intended to serve as a guidance tool for migrants who wish to live, work, and settle in a new society, offering specific materials on the mechanisms of inclusion (cultural, legal processes…).

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This course offers volunteers or aspiring volunteers the possibility to acquire, update, complete or expand their knowledge and specific skills to work on social projects for the inclusion of migrants or refugees.

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