#1. 1.What is an algorithm?

#2. What programming language should you use to create a website with several interactive sections?

#3. What is a programming language?

#4. A user can modify closed access software. Is this statement true or false?

#5. Which of the following is not free software?

#6. What structure should be used to schedule a repetitive task?

#7. What is 3D printing?

#8. What is a gcode file?

#9. What is an STL?

#10. What software can you use to create 3D printing objects?

#11. Which of these is a 3D printing software?

#12. Which of these is not a 3D printing filament?

#13. Does the speed of a chemical reaction increase proportionally to the amount of catalyst we add to the reaction vessel?

#14. The only factors that influence the rate of a chemical reaction are the state of aggregation of the reactants and temperature?

#15. The calorific value of a fuel is the amount of energy consumed in the combustion reaction?

#16. Carbon dioxide is one of the gases responsible for the greenhouse effect. Considering that it is a linear and symmetric molecule, it is non-polar as a whole. Is this statement true or false?

#17. Are all crystalline substances metallic?

#18. Why is the boiling point of water abnormally high?

#19. When the value of an electric current varies cyclically, is that an alternating current?

#20. How is electrical voltage measured?

#21. What is the element of an electrical circuit that maintains a power difference between two points?

#22. What does the resistance of a conductor depend on?

#23. What is the type of current that circulates in the same direction and whose value is constant?

#24. How is electric energy calculated?



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