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#1. Are there hierarchies in the work environment, organized into categories or professional groups?

#2. Do people of similar ages also have similar levels of emotional maturity?

#3. Is participatory leadership different from the rest due to establishing rewards for reaching objectives?

#4. The scientific method is the set of procedures by which science allows us to acquire certain knowledge?

#5. Is the source of information totally independent from its quality?

#6. Conspiracy theories usually hide a great truth?

#7. The trial and error method just focuses on finding one solution; not all of them, nor the best one?

#8. When you search for information on the internet about a subject, the most important thing is it to get as many links and references as possible?

#9. Can you edit a video online without having a specific program to do it installed on your PC?

#10. Can computer viruses and other types of malware affect Smartphones?