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Second part

#1. The latest developments in immigration matters in Europe have extended the use of the terms refugee, asylum seeker, and immigrant, sometimes used wrongly in public debate. However, each concept has its own legal meaning and each is regulated by a specific European policy. Based on international law, every _________________ is a ______________, but not vice versa.

#2. People without documentation have ways to become regularized, which go through:

#3. In order to understand the global phenomenon of social inclusion of migrants, it is necessary to analyze what we could call the dynamics of social inclusion, which correspond largely to the possibilities of exercising an active citizenship. With this we do refer to:

#4. If we talk about basic concepts in terms of house rental, what should a contract include?

#5. All European countries have social protection systems that provide health coverage to the entire population. In this sense, the EU social model is the benchmark of what could be considered as the “International Standard for Health Services”, which includes: