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First part

#1. There are a number of characteristics that define volunteering and grant its conceptual framework. In the same way, to distinguish the concept of volunteering, it is necessary to outline the actions that are excluded from the concept that we consider as volunteering. Then, what isn’t volunteering?

#2. The increase in associationism is closely tied to the evolution of society; the presence of volunteer associations has:

#3. Any work team must have a functioning that contemplates and reflects most of the issues that make it viable. Some of these are:

#4. “We understand Intercultural Mediation as a professional resource that contributes to a better _________, _________, _________ among people or groups in a territory, and belonging to one or more cultures” (Desenvolupament Comunitari y Andalucía Acoge, 2002: 101).

#5. The management of the diversity and integration of all people must be based on the respect for differences, but at the same time within the framework of a common project, in order to be members of society with equal opportunities and liberties. These opportunities can hardly be achieved if there is no ______________.