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#1. I have the ability to critically read texts.

#2. I have difficulties writing a long text with adequacy, coherence, and cohesion.

#3. When paraphrasing, a summary of the original text is made.

#4. To establish a relationship between two inversely proportional magnitudes, a direct “rule of three” is used.

#5. I am experienced in and find it easy to draft a monthly family budget.

#6. The binary numbering system uses two numbers: 1 and 2.

#7. The greatest common multiple and the greatest common divisor are obtained by (respectively) multiplying and dividing by the same number.

#8. I know how to correctly use spreadsheet software (like Excel) and word processors (like Word).

#9. The CPU is the piece that provides the necessary energy for the rest of the internal elements of the computer.

#10. In e-Learning, the teacher is the main protagonist, who determines the contents, procedures, and guidelines.